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Outdoor Activities & Adventure

Morocco’s varied landscape and weather provide a lot of opportunities for great adventures. Morocco offers a diversity of outdoor sports.
For those who prefer adventures by land, there are lots of activities such as Camel trekking, sandboarding, ATV| quad driving, and hot air ballon. hiking or trekking, rock climbing and golfing.

For adventurers who prefer exciting water sports we suggest surfing, windsurfing, jet skiing and sailing.


Experience a uniquejourney by combining nature and culture in one trip. Explore the Sahara Desert Dunes dunes. As soon as you reach the desert you will be amazed by the sea of sand with dunes that reach beyond the horizon. The feeling of complete silence and solitude is overwelming. Ride a dromedary into the desert, sleep under a sky full of stars and admiresunrise making the scenery glow. This journey has all the ingredients for a breathtaking unforgettable adventure and a trully nomadic experience…It’s like travelling back to a different age…


Ride a ATV | Quad in th eErg Chebbi Dunes is the perfect adventure for those who seek adrenaline. If you ride a You will have the chance to admire the sunset in the top of the Big Dune, an unforgettable experience in the desert.


Morocco has a big potential to develop this sport. Its Ergs, the dunes in the Sahara desert, are the perfect spot to practice it. You will feel the adrenaline of descending the Big dunein the most beautiul scenery.. The Sahara Desert.


Hot air balloon in Marrakesh, to admire the Red city from above! One hour flights from La Palmeraie in the northeast corner of the city.
Early pick up from your riad, go to the take off pad to enjoy a one-hour flight. You will fly over superb panoramic views across the palm grove in contrast with the breathtaking Atlas Mountains. And after, you will go to a typical tiny hamlet where you will have a mint tea and traditional cakes prepared by the locals. Finally, your driver will take you back to your riad around 12pm.


One of the most popular activities in Morocco is hiking and trekking. Hiking season is between April through November.
The High Atlas Mountains are recommend for experienced climbers. While this region is the most beautiful as it has the most untouched landscape in Morocco, High Atlas hikes usually have overnight stays.
The most popular trekking area is in the Djebel Toubkal , 4167 meters, Africa’s highest point and takes around 3 days to climb up and return to Marrakesh.
You can also go for short treks in the High Atlas Mountains and you will find yourself in a typical Berber village surrounded by na amazing scenery.


As Morocco has aproximatly 400 mountains, rock climbing has also become a popular sport. Toubkal area is recommended. The path is a bit difficult but very interesting as you will pass traditional villages and valleys.


Golf has become very popular in Morocco. Morocco has some of the most memorable courses that you will ever have the chance to play on.
Morocco’s royal golf landscapes are exotic and you will likely enjoy playing there. Morocco has nine gold courses available all year long and are situated in Agadir, Tangier and Marrakesh.


If you are a surf addict, then Taghazoute must be on your travel itinerary in Morocco. It’s located north Agadir and attracts surfers from all around the world.
Taghazoute is a surf spot where the weather is good during all four seasons, one of a few in the world.
A few miles south of Taghazoute, Bannana beach is also a recommended surfing spot, as Sidi Ifni and Kenitra, Bouznika Plage, el Jadida, Safi and Rabat.
Morocco’s Atlantic coast runs for miles and miles and is riddled with both beaches, some of them still secret and untouched. Morocco’s waves will surely offer you a little piece of surf heaven.


Anywhere along the Atlantic coast can be an opportunity to practice water sports, the most popular resorts of Agadir and Essaouira.
Well known as the ‘windy city of Africa’, the cool fishing village of Essaouira is famous for its wind surfing competitions and wind conditions. Kite surfers can stay all year long practicing their sport. The main windsurfing season is between spring and autumn and June to August.

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